This is a running list of those members and their Hounds that have submitted Bios. You do not have to have a Hound to be a member, just a love for them, to be able to post a bio. If you would like to check out a bio, click on the word “Bio” to go to the respective page. If you would like to submit a bio, click HERE. By filling out a bio and submitting, you grant us permission to post the information provided. If at any time you wish to have it removed or changed, please contact



Hound Handlers of Caid

Guild Warreners


Bio – Edmund BlackHound………………………….. Hound: Dexter Bio 

Bio –  Lord Sigbiorn Sigmundsons……………….. Hounds: Spike, Gillian



Hound Handlers of Caid Guild
Members and their Hounds


BioLady Cera Foxmoor
Hound: Dexter 

Handler Barbara Coole
Hound Lucy Bo

Handler Baroness Kate Dogberry
Hound Hime

Handler Baroness Thea Northernridge
Hounds Odee, Scarlet

Handler Baron Oliver Dogberry
Hound Hime

Handler Lady Franchesca MacBeth
Hound Daisey

Handler Lady Onnaa Von Wilhelm
Hound Rubble

Handler Lord Chad MacBean
Hound Daisey

Handler Lod Gregor MacDonald
Hounds: Miranda, Luna, Lexi, Aurora, Zeus, Andromeda, Phimeas

Handler THL Christiaen de Groute
Hound Otto